Purpose & Object

The Minimum Wages Act, 1948 has been enacted to provide the minimum wages in certain specified employments. The Minimum Wages Act binds the employers to pay the minimum wages fixed under the Act from time to time. Under the provisions of the Act both the Central and State Government have authority to fix, review, revise and enforce the minimum wages to workers employed in scheduled employment under their respective jurisdictions.


 Minimum Wages Act, 1948 extends to whole of India.

  •  It applies on persons employed in an employment specified in Part I (Non-agricultural Employment) & Part II (Agricultural Employment) of the Schedule to the Minimum Wages Act, 1948

Fixation of Minimum Wages

> Appropriate Government (Central or State, as the case may be) has authority to fix the minimum rate of wages in respect of employment specified in Part I & II of the Schedule to the Act.

> The Central Government has authority to fix rate of minimum wages for 45 Spheres of employment; whereas, the State Governments have authority to fix rate of minimum wages for 1596 Spheres of employment in their territory

Minimum Rate of wages

The Central Government and the State Governments have fixed different rate of minimum wages for different spheres / sectors of employment in their respective jurisdictions. You may access the updated rate of Minimum Wages, as applicable in different states, by clicking the following link:

services we offer

We are Labour Law Consultants and at PCS, we provide following services in compliance to the provisions of Minimum Wages Act, 1948:
 Providing day to day consultancy on matters pertaining to Minimum Wages;
 Assistance in payment of minimum wages at such rate as applicable in concerned states
 Ensuring / Assistance in complying with the various provisions of the act related to disclosures, notices, displays, fines, deductions etc.;
 Preparation & Maintenance of various Registers like Register of Fines, Register of Overtime, Register of Wages, Register of Deductions etc. as provided under the act;
 Preparation & Maintenance of various records, wage slip, muster roll as provided under the Act;
 Preparation & Submission of Annual Return as prescribed under the act;
Replying / Satisfying Show Cause Notices;
 Representing employer before Inspector / Appropriate Government;
 Assistance to companies at the time of inspection and search of any premises by Inspector;
 Representing employer at the enquiries conducted by inspector;